Spiced Orange Mojito

1.5 (2 optional) oz. rum
.75 oz. orange tea syrup
.5 oz. lime juice
2-3 leaves fresh mint

Add ice, rum, syrup and lime juice to shaker. Express mint leaves. Hard shake and strain into glass over ice. Optional – Top with splash of club soda. Mint leaf garnish

For large batches:

1 Bottle Unbarreled Rum
12 oz. Orange Tea Syrup
8 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
10 Mint Leaves
Orange Slices
Club Soda

Add ice to pitcher. Combine rum, syrup and lime juice. Express mint leaves and add to pitcher. Add club soda to taste. Add orange slices.

Orange Tea Syrup

4 cups Water
4 cups sugar
10 bags Orange Spice Black Tea
4 whole Oranges for Zesting – the kind with thick pebbly skin
Fresh Lemon Extract

In a large pot combine sugar and water. Turn stovetop to med/high and bring almost to a boil- immediately reduce heat so the syrup lightly simmers. Add Tea. The more tea you use and the longer you leave it infusing, the more intense the spice will be. Use a peeler for the oranges, zest over pot. Start with 2/3 splashes of the lemon extract, stir, taste, add more to your liking.

All of the above should happen within about 25 minutes. Once the sugar is dissolved, it’s time to remove from heat. It’s a balancing act between the spice infusing long enough without the syrup becoming too thick in consistency. Keep tasting and remove tea bags when spice level is to your liking. Let cool, fine strain, refrigerate, enjoy!

Thank you to Layne Schneider for this fine recipe!

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